HoseHound Firehose Washer

Hose Cleaner

Our intelligently designed HoseHound Fire Hose Washer is designed by Firefighters for Firefighters to clean faster and more efficiently.


We offer firehose cleaning services using our intelligently designed HoseHound fire hose washer. The washer includes well thought out features designed to give you the cleanest finish possible, without any plug up from debris or degradation by high pressure waters. HoseHound supplies over 50 gallons a minute at idle or static hydrant pressures of 20-30 psi. We intentionally use water at low pressures to avoid the need for pumps and to ensure that there is no wear on any apparatuses.

Lasting Durability

Built with steel diamond plate and welded by professionals for longevity.

Compact Design for Easy Storage

Measuring at X” x X”, the Hose Hound takes up very little space.

Light-Weight & Portable

Intelligent design fitted with wheels making it easy to move.


Hose can be fed in from either direction.

More Effective Cleaning

High pressure washes for a deeper clean.

Designed by Firefighters

HoseHound in Action

Designed by Firefighters – for Firefighters, the HoseHound can be used to fit the needs of a variety of industries:

Agricultural, Industrial, Forestry, Mining, Military,

Oil & Gas, and more.

Product Reviews

  • Limestone Township Fire Protection Dist.

    “HoseHound washer is fantastic! Hose cleaning is 75% more efficient, removes carcinogens, chemicals and other debris. It also cleans two hoses at once, both sides. See for yourself. Request a demo!”

  • Manteno Community Fire Protection Dist.

    HoseHound has proved beneficial to our district: easy setup, low maintenance, incredibly efficient. We enjoy using it, and so will you.”

    HoseHound EQPT

    Our products are designed by firefighters for firefighters. By producing top notch firefighting supplies, we help firefighters stay prepared in their missions to ensure public safety in their communities and to save lives.

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    Our products are proudly made in the USA and built with American raw materials.

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